Despite the fire risk, Australia wants to plant 400,000ha of forest by 2050

26 April 2023 0 Comments 0 tags

Caught between a rising demand for timber, the difficulty of meeting national carbon reduction targets and pressure from environmentalists who have secured a ban on all timber harvesting in native

Woodrise event 2023 Bordeaux – Forest Resources Workshop

17 April 2023 0 Comments 0 tags

FCBA is offering IEFC members the opportunity to have one of their PhD, Post-Doc or Masters students to speak at the Woodrise 2023 event in Bordeaux. Travel and accommodation costs

Towards an Intelligent Information Management of Complex Forests in Southwest Europe

13 July 2021 0 Comments 1 tag

Complex forests and mixed plantations, as a resilient alternative, can increase, and in many cases, improve the potential quality of ecosystem services compared to other forest systems.

Development of bio-based resin products in Europe

22 June 2021 0 Comments 0 tags

The SustForest+ project, in close collaboration with the INCREDIBLE inter-regional innovation network on resin, has made it possible to develop resin tapping and transport processes, calculate the carbon footprint of

Exchanges between Resin Tapping Stakeholders in France

16 June 2021 0 Comments 0 tags

The 8th public meeting of the Gemm_Est & ExtraFor_Est projects, related to extractable chemical compounds from trees, was held online on 22 April 2021. This event, which was open to

Europe is Entering the Age of the Bioeconomy

25 May 2021 0 Comments 0 tags

An important debate about the forest-based bioeconomy in Europe and its impact on forest harvesting