Membership to IEFC

Why become a member?

  • To participate in working groups existing within the framework of IEFC, with the benefit of reimbursement of your travel costs
  • To propose the creation of new working groups
    To be integrated within a research and development center network (connected with EFI network)
  • To settle transnational projects
  • To facilitate contact with other organisations of research and vocational training to organise exchanges and scientific expertises
  • To organise common public events and publications
  • To improve public feeling regarding cultivated forest
    To participate in meetings and general assemblies able to modify the orientations of IEFC
  • To receive the electronic version of IEFC Letter
  • To benefit from reduced tarifs to participate to events organised by the IEFC

Why become an associated member?

To show it’s interest in IEFC activities and take advantage of the network.

Who can become a member?

IEFC members are legal entities. Any organisation (Research center, Association for forest development, Professional training centers, forest owner federation, consultants …) which intend to work with improvement and promotion of resilience and sustainable management of Planted forests worldwide can join IEFC.

How to become a member?

Download the enclosed membership form, using acrobat or word format and send it back to the IEFC head office :

Site de Recherche Forêt Bois, Pierroton

69, route d’Arcachon

F-33610 Cestas France

The present amount of annual fee is 300 Euros – Free for associated members

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