IEFC 25th Anniversary Celebration page

1998-2023: 25 years of commitment to planted forests

Here we are. 25 years of commitment to the sustainable management of planted forests, 25 years of sharing experience and resources between members of the network and more widely with those involved in the management of planted forests.

As we celebrate our anniversary, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering a strong partnership between forest owners, researchers and practitioners, with the support of national and regional governments and forest owners’ associations. This collaboration remains central to providing essential support, cutting-edge research and innovative tools to enable forest owners and managers to effectively manage their planted forests. We recognise the evolving demands of industry and markets in the emerging bio-economy era and strive to meet these challenges while maintaining essential ecosystem services such as climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation.

Today we are proud to celebrate 25 years of IEFC with you! It’s all thanks to you! A big thank you to our partners, members and collaborators who have followed us, accompanied us and been part of the adventure for 25 years.

Commemorative Article

Read the article from Susana Bareirro, President of IEFC and Christophe Orazio, Director of IEFC.

Birthday Wishes: Messages from Members, Team, and Partners

Join us in celebrating our 25th anniversary by sharing your heartfelt birthday messages and wishes! We invite our team, partners and members to share their thoughts and memories. I would like to share a message.


Dive into our Annual meeting and 25th anniversary video, illustrating key moments, memorable projects, events, and celebrations that have marked these 25 years, with exclusive interviews!