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Living lab FIRE-RES

Extreme Wildfire Events exceeding control capacity are becoming a major environmental, economic and social threat across the world.

With 11 Living Labs, the FIRE-RES project aims to implement an Integrated Fire Management approach and support the transition toward more resilient landscapes and communities to Extreme Wildfire Events in Europe. To move toward an Integrated Fire Management approach, FIRE-RES adopts 4 main pillars: extreme Wildfires’ behaviour and drivers, landscape and economy, emergency management, communication, and risk awareness.

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Living lab SUPERB - Forest Bocage

SUPERB, BOCAGE-FORESTIER – A living laboratory for the creation of a forest bocage in the Landes de Gascogne.

With the collaboration of 36 partners in 16 countries, led by EFI (European Forest Institute) and co-ordinated by Wageningen Environmental Research, the European SUPERB project aims to identify, study and implement systemic solutions for the restoration of forest ecosystems in order to preserve their environmental value and their many ecosystem services. The project involves 12 large-scale demonstrations in 12 countries, representing a wide range of challenges for Europe’s forests.

In the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, one of the warmest regions in France, pine plantations are endangered by climate-mediated disturbances such as wind, forest fires and pest outbreaks.

Forest-Bocage is the French version of one of a series of demonstration areas for new restoration practices in Europe. In a representative area of the Landes de Gascogne, the aim is to promote the installation of leafy edges on the edge of pine plantations in order to increase diversity and enhance resilience on a landscape scale. This technical aspect is accompanied by major scientific research into the biodiversity associated with these areas, while adopting an integrative approach by organising activities in the form of a living lab.

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