INTERNSHIP : Forest stakeholders’ perception analyses towards mixed plantations

3-month internship offer starting in June 2022


Mixed forest plantations (i.e., plantations where several tree species are mixed) can be a scalable and economically accessible strategy to reconcile economic and environmental benefits, and to reduce the vulnerability of plantations to climate change (CC). However, in spite of the scientific evidence on the potential advantages of mixed tree plantations, monocultures are still prevalent globally. The reasons for the apparent resistance to mixed plantations among landowners and stakeholders need to be identified and addressed in future forest policies to promote the large-scale expansion of more CC-resilient mixed forest plantations. The MixForChange project (UE Biodiversa) aims to identify the main constraints and opportunities toward expanding mixed plantations in southeast Brazil, France and Sweden.

Objectives of the study:

As part of this project, we are looking for a student interested in understanding the stakeholders’ perceptions regarding impediments and motivations towards mixed plantations. The student will conduct semi-structured interviews with a panel of stakeholders (managers, landowners, researchers) dealing with mixed plantations in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region to identify technical difficulties and solutions. The student will work in close collaboration with Leticia Bulascoschi (São Paulo University) who conducts this research within MixForChange as part of her PhD. She/he will work in the stimulating environment offered by an international project and contribute data for a trans-national study that involves colleagues from France, Sweden and Brazil.

Tasks under the responsibility of the student

Bibliographic research on stakeholders’ perceptions toward mixed plantations

The interview protocol was already developed by Leticia Bulascoschi. Leticia Bulascoschi will conduct the interviews in Brazil and Sweden. The student will be in charge of the adaptation of the protocol to the French context, the study area being centred on the region Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The student will build a list of respondents in interaction with his/her supervisors and conduct the interviews, first alone and then accompanied by Leticia in August

Data analyses and report writing


The internship is for M1 level student in forestry science. An interest for social sciences applied to the forest sector is required, as well as a good command of English.


Location: the student will be based at the IEFC, 69 route d’Arcachon, 33610 Cestas, on a major INRAE forest research site.

Material conditions: The student will have an office, a laptop computer, and would benefit of the company restaurant. Having a vehicle is preferable.

Gratification: training allowances according to regulations, reimbursement of business travel expanses

Institut Européen de la Forêt Cultivée

Internship supervisor:

Christophe Orazio, Forest engineer and Director of the IEFC association

Cirad, la recherche agronomique pour le développement durable des régions  tropicales et méditerranéennes. | Cirad

Resource persons:

Joannès Guillemot, researcher at CIRAD (Eco&Sols Unit):

Découvrez l'INRAE,issu de la fusion de l'Inra et de l'IrsteaLeticia Bulascoschi, PhD at São Paulo University

Philippe Deuffic, research engineer in social sciences, INRAE

Benoît de Guerry, Forest engineer at IEFC

Please submit your application (CV + motivation letter) at by the end of March.