Training School on container nursery production and seedling quality assessment for Boreal forest regeneration

School for Forest Management at Skinnskatteberg, Sweden Interested in learning more about container nursery production and seedling quality assessment? JOIN THE TRAINING SCHOOL! Organizers: Local organizer: Dr. Daniel Gräns, SLU: daniel.grans@slu.se. Cost Action PENCAFORR, workgroup 3 coordinator: Dr. Pedro Villar-Salvador, pedro.villar@uah.es Send your application by August 5th, 2023. More information: Advertisement Description Photo credit: Pen-Caforr

FIRE-RES launches the Open Innovation Challenge!

In recent years, Europe has experienced a significant increase in the frequency and intensity of wildfires. These extreme wildfires have resulted in devastating consequences, including the loss of life, destruction of natural habitats, damage to infrastructure and the release of harmful emissions impacting air quality. In this context, FIRE-RES is launching an Open Innovation Challenge. […]

Webinar – Let’s Talk About Planted Forests – Virtual Forests

Join us online to discuss on our next theme This month, Let’s Talk About Planted Forests webinar will focus on Virtual Forests project results: new IT tools for forests education More information and registration here This event is co-organized by the IEFC, the IUFRO task force “Resilient Planted Forest Serving Society & Bioeconomy” and the […]

Bioeconomy Innovation Day

Dear friend, Did you know that forest biomass and agricultural, fishery and food by-products are the main sources of local renewable materials in the Basque Country, and that they can be sustainably reused to benefit the economy and the environment? On 4 October 2023, the Basque Country will host the Bioeconomy Innovation Day, a benchmark […]

29ème Xylodating Le Douglas : une essence qui cherche et qui innove !

École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Clermont-Ferrand (ENSA) 85 Rue du Dr Bousquet,, Clermont-Ferrand, France

L’association France Douglas et le Pôle de Compétitivité Xylofutur s’associent aujourd’hui pour vous proposer un Xylodating dédié au douglas, afin de présenter les projets de recherche, de développement ou d’innovation en cours au sein de cette filière. Venez échanger avec des porteurs de projets sur toutes ces questions qui concernent l’ensemble de la chaine de […]

Woodrise event 2023 Bordeaux – Workshop on Forest Resources

PARTNERS Most of the world's forests have already been used by humans. Their sustainable management can be ensured either by natural regeneration or by plantation. Plantation forests have several functions including wood production, which is essential for many applications: construction, paper, heating, etc. In this workshop, we will look at some of the types of […]

Pathfinder – Annual Meeting

The PathFinder annual meeting will be held in Gottingen from the 24th to the 26th of October. Learn more about PathFinder: http://linktr.ee/eupathfinder

Pre-Conference meeting – Unlocking finance for sustainable and inclusive wood value chains

Unlocking finance for sustainable and inclusive wood value chains A dialogue toward collaboration on innovative financing opportunities and mechanisms to promote sustainable wood production and consumption in East Africa, including smallholder forest and farm producer organizations 6 November 2023   (CIFOR-ICRAF, Nairobi, Kenya)   An event to be organized by FAO and the Forest and Farm Facility […]

5th International Congress On Planted Forests

World Agroforestry Campus , Kenya

SAVE THE DATE International Congress on Planted Forests 2023 : planted forests, an essential nature-based solution to meet growing needs in wood products, restore forest ecosystems, and mitigate climate change. This major event is co-organized by the Institut Européen de la Forêt Cultivée (IEFC), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the […]

SUPERB Restoration Project Festival 

In the context of SUPERB – a Horizon 2020 research and innovation project on upscaling forest restoration in Europe, we would like to invite you to join us online for the SUPERB Restoration Project Festival, as a forestry expert.   Festival dates and location:   20-22 November 2023 (Monday-Wednesday) CET, Milan (Italy) and online; you are welcome […]

Conférence sur les méga-feux – Luxey

Le 25 novembre se tiendra une conférence à Luxey sur les méga feux de 2022 en Aquitaine. L'objectif sera de partager l’expertise et communiquer l’état des lieux de la gestion du risque incendie sur le massif des Landes de Gascogne. Au programme, des perspectives d'évolutions du risque potentiel sur le massif landais, des axes d'améliorations […]

Webinar – Let’s Talk About Planted Forests

More information and registration: click here This event is co-organized by the IEFC, the IUFRO task force “Resilient Planted Forest Serving Society & Bioeconomy” and the EFI Research Network on Planted Forests