The multi-actor network for sustainable management and resilience of planted forests
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IEFC General Assembly – 2023
22 June 2023, Villa Parco Bolasco, Castelfranco Veneto, Italy
5th International Congress on Planted Forests
07-10 November 2023, CIFOR-ICRAF CAMPUS, Kenya
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"Global challenges and innovative management of bark and wood borers in planted and natural forests” – 29 August – 01 September, 2023
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About us

IEFC aims to promote, facilitate and improve the future resilience and sustainability of planted forests in Europe


Founded in 1998, this association aims to facilitate and coordinate exchanges between stakeholders in research, education and the forestry sector. From 2009, the IEFC has slowed down its activity to support the EFI regional office for the Atlantic arc regions and since 2018 the EFI platform for plantation forests. In 2020, following the closure of the EFI regional offices in France, the association hired a director and staff to ensure the animation of the network and the coordination of activities and projects on the topic of planted forests.


IEFC is a transnational network of scientific and technical cooperation for the sustainable management of cultivated forests. IEFC brings together more than 30 organizations: research institutes, technical centers, universities, engineering schools, insurance companies, cooperatives and professional organizations. Any legal entity can become a member and participate in networking activities (thematic groups, events), as well as in the setting up and implementation of collaborative research and development projects. IEFC Membership provides access to a broad scientific and technological expertise and privileged contacts.


IEFC promotes sharing of experience and capacities between its members and more broadly with actors involved in the sustainable management and use of planted forests. Among these long-term activities resulting from the IEFC network, we can mention the REINFFORCE network, the IUFRO Task Force on planted forests, or the Silvalert application produced by the PLURIFOR project. This activity is carried out within the European Union as expected of a European association. Do not hesitate to contact us to share your ideas and initiatives or to join the association.

Our latest projects


The project aims to inform teachers and pupils in primary and secondary schools about the importance of the forest and to promote territorial cooperation using the forest bioeconomy as a main theme.


This project aims to improve the rapid detection and eradication of new pathogens that may arrive in forests, detection being all the more crucial for plantation forests.


B4EST is an EU-funded H2020 project which focuses on adaptive breeding for productive, sustainable and resilient forests under climate change.



June 2023
Jun 20
20 June 2023

PARTNERS “The future is uncertain: wind resilient forests in a changed climate”. The 10th International Wind and Trees Conference will be hosted by The IUFRO working party 8.03.036, at Villa Bolasco (Castelfranco …

Jun 22
22 June 2023

IEFC - Annual General Assembly will take place on: 22 June 2023, University of Padova, Villa Parco Bolasco, Castelfranco Veneto, Italy The conference will be held in Villa Parco Bolasco, Villa …

July 2023
Jul 10
10 July 2023
Miramar Palace in San Sebastian,

PARTNERS Last year Spain closed its worst year ever for forest fires. According to official figures, 4 out of every 10 hectares burnt in the EU were on Spanish soil, …


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