Bordeaux on January 31 PM and February 1 and 2, 2002



The main purpose of this forum is to improve the exchanges between the European regions in prevention of wildfires, and to contribute to the implementation of prevention strategie. .
Through a biennial itinerant conference, it will thus be suggested confronting the regional experiences in term of organizations and preventive strategies of defence of forests against the fires. We thus invite all the persons qualified in wildfire (owner, administrator, firefighters, scientist, jurist, economist), to submit us communications illustrating positive or negative actions of prevention of forest fires, so that this experience can be shared and valued.


Each presentation should illustrate an action of representative prevention strategy of a region of Europe or the changes obtained following an innovation of prevention, while reviewing the regional context of every presented experience (nature of the risk, the fuel, the weather context, current legislation, socioeconomic context). The communications will be organised in four topics :

  • methods of evaluation of the chance and the economic or financial stakes,
  • prevention policies for wildfire risk,
  • organizations and infrastructures of prevention
  • coordination between prevention, forecast and fight actions against forest fires.

It is expected that the presentations will help in global thinking on the strategies of prevention, but also will present concrete methods which the participants in the seminar can resume and transpose into the other contexts.


The oral communications will last 20 in 30 minutes and will be followed by 10 to 20 minutes of discussion. Summaries should be sent before November 30, 2001, and papers should be put prepared before January 4, 2002. Accepted author will be free of registration fees. The simultaneous translation will be adapted to the number and the origin of the participants.


Registrations fees : 230 Euros

Contact : C. Orazio
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The meeting will take place into the “cité mondiale” (map available)
The claret hotel is on the site
Tentative programme and abstracts (begining 31st of january at 14h30, end Saturday at 12; Field trip on Saturday afternoon)

Review Comity Partners
C. Orazio (IEFC Aquitaine)
C. Pinaudeau (ARDFCI Aquitaine)
M. Colin (CIRCOSC Bordeaux)
E. rigolot (INRA Avignon)
H. Bothello (UTAD Villa real)
M. Seillan (Editions préventique)
José Antonio Véga (Espagne)
Commission européenne (21-58)
Ministère de l’Agriculture et de la Forêt
Conseil Régional D’aquitaine
Association Régionale de DFCI