Implementation of a network of pilot zones to test the indicators for the sutainable management

The working community of the Pyrennes financed the constituion of a network to test the indicators for the forest sustainable management. The discussion between the pilot zones of the Atlantic arc took place within the EUROSILVASUR project, but the intregation of new areas such as the Mdi-Pyrénées and Catalogne required the support of the CTP.
Essencially, the constitution of this network passed by the setting up of 4 meetings on each site that will be held as a pilot zone. These visits were the ocasion to review the available skills of each area, the certification process, the goals to be assign to the all network.

Visit to the Catalogne site (CTP): April 25th and 26th, 2002

Report in couse of elaboration.

Visit to the Aquitaine site (CTP): June 13th and 14th

The 13th: Visit for the devices of study of biodiversity, meeting with the site’s pilot committee (meeting at 10.30am in Pontenx centre).
The 14th:Morning work for organizing the project and its budget(Inra Pierroton).

visit of the Midi-Pyrénée sites (CTP): june 20th and 21st

June 20th will be dedicated to visit the Gar-Cagire site which will be organized by the ONF. This visit will allow us to discover a beech grove fir plantation with particular patrimonial stakes and to meet the PEFC stakeholders of Midi-Pyrénées:
The field visit is to be divided into two subjects:

  • Presentation of the forest management in the national forest of Gar-Cagire – stakes and contraints (Patric De Meerleer).
  • The issue ” Environments of community interest” (François Prud’man).
    Lunch at 12.30 am in Aspet, on the ” Le bois brûlé” restaurant.
    Afternoon meeting “The state of the reflections for the PEFC in midi-Pyrénées”.
    The progress of the programme for implementing a network of pilot zones to estimate the relevance and the cost of the indicators for the sustainable management.
    Meeting at 10 am in Col de Buret, near Aspet.

    Night of the 20th to the 21st in Carcassone or in Castre depending on the number of participants. (Contact C. Orazio)

    June 21st will be dedicated to visit the Lacaune mountains that have already been used for a study on indicators within the the LIFE project which ends this year. Presentation of the results obtained on the indicators for the biodiversity and the report of all works made within the LIFE project.
    Meeting at 9.30 am in Anglés the church square.

    Route Aspet-Anglés here

    Visite to the Euskadi site (CTP): delayed for September

    Projet Subventionné par
    la Communauté de travail pyrénéenne