storm description - 7 (January 31, 1953)

Storm characteristics

ID 7
Year 1953
Month-Day January 31
Event ID 1953-01
Storm Name
Country UK
Affected Area (ha)
Primary damage (Mm3) 1.80
Q1 3
Secondary damage (Mm3)
Tertiary damage
Estimated Standing Volume (Mm3) 124.69
Calculated % of Standing Volume Damaged 1.44
Removals (Mm3) 3.69
Calculated % of Removals Damaged 48.78
Maximum Wind Speed (m/s) 50
QW 2
Duration of Storm (Hrs) 7
QD 2
Value (Million Euros) in Year FOREST Damage 5
QV 2
Reference Quine 1988, Met Mag, By Douglas 1954 (remark), Weather vol 43, no 3, Scottish Forestry, By B. R. Feaver, FC (speed, duration); Storm Damage to Woodlands in Scotland on January 31st, 1953, By H. M. Steven (p d, value of damage)The Gale of 31 January 1953, By Met Office (speed), Weather - Wind and the Forest, 1953, By H. M. Steven (duration) European Forest Wind Damage, Excel, By FC (p d), Schelhaas 2010 (Growing stock, annual fellings %, p d), Nicoll 2009 FR
Remark North East Scotland, NW gale affecting North and East Britain, Orkney strong winds (125mph top, 90mph mean), 92% of windblown was private land. Value in 1953
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