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The IEFC is a non-profit association with a single objective: to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on the sustainable management and resilience of planted forests between research and economic players in Europe. These forests can be used to produce wood, and therefore contribute to the production of paper, furniture or houses made from renewable materials at the heart of the bioeconomy. Planted forests can also stabilise dunes and mountain slopes, store carbon or serve as an energy resource in countries that want to move away from fossil fuels.

The specificity of planted forests is that they are the result of a choice made by man, who sows or plants young trees, bets on the future and worries about the success of his undertaking, sometimes over several hundred years, as in the case of the Tronçais oak forests. So there are many players (decision-makers, managers, owners, scientists, insurers, etc.) who need to exchange information at European level, launch projects, produce summaries and infrastructures such as REINFFORCE for adaptation to climate change, FORMIX on mixed forests, SILVALERT for public participation in reporting forest damage.

All these infrastructures and information-sharing networks are a valuable investment, but one that requires constant effort over time. Hence the importance of donations to keep this network running over the long term and maintain these essential infrastructures to help make the right decisions for the planted forests of today and tomorrow.

How Does Tax Deduction Apply to Donations?

Donations to associations may be eligible for certain tax benefits. In accordance with French tax regulations, tax deductions are available for French donors. Please note that this benefit is specifically applicable to residents of France. To learn more about the specific tax advantages available to you, please visit For non-French donors, we recommend consulting relevant authorities or tax experts in your country to determine if similar deductions are applicable. For further details or inquiries regarding tax deductions, please contact us.

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