The Let’s Talk About Planted Forests webinar will take place on 29 March 2024 at 9.00 am CET.

Planted forests in most case are installed on bare soils, allowing a higher mechanisation than naturally regenerated forests. In addition, as a result of plantation, forest pattern is more simple and regular than in other forests. Thus, planted forests are an interesting playground to test new robots, autonomous or not, to improve productivity at all stages of the forest management: plantation, weed control, thinning, harvesting. During this webinar, we do not pretend to give an exhaustive view but few examples of work in progress from different part of the world:

  • Claire Stewart, Forest Growers Research, New Zealand: « An overview of the Precision Silviculture Programme from Forest Growers Research, New Zealand »
  • Loïc Cotten, Alliance Forêts Bois, France: « Autonomous poplar planting machine developed by Alliance Forêts Bois »
  • Harrie Lovenstein, Land Life, Netherlands: « Autonomous tree seeding: Aerial or Terrestrial? »

Registrations are now closed (The replay will be available soon – access will be restricted to IEFC members)

Claire Stewart - Programme Manager

Forest Growers Research

Loïc Cotten - Development Manager

Alliance Fôrets Bois

Harrie Lovenstein - Head R&D

Land Life

Claire Stewart is the Programme Manager for the Precision Silviculture Partnership Programme. Claire joined FGR in June 2023 from Scion where she held a Portfolio Leader position with a focus on digitisation, automation and data in forestry and wood processing. In this role she was closely associated with the PSP programme and led the Nursery Workstream project.

Claire brings significant expertise in digitisation and automation and is excited with the opportunity to work in true partnership with the forestry industry, collaborating to co-design the most effective pathways to drive new innovation.

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Harrie Lövenstein is Head R&D and founding member at Land Life in Amsterdam.

Land Life was founded in 2013 at the intersection of impact, science and technology to restore degraded lands all over the world. We help customers and landowners invest in high-integrity nature-based solutions and partner with local stakeholders to ensure projects benefit climate, biodiversity, and communities. We develop end-to-end solutions for restoring nature at scale: from sourcing land and analyzing forestry potential to implementing technological solutions on the ground, partnering with local communities and research institutes, growing climate-resilient forests and providing transparent data on project outcomes.

Harrie is trained at Wageningen University and specialized in dry land forestry, including agroforestry, rainwater harvesting techniques and tree propagation methods.

Registrations are now closed (The replay will be available soon – access will be restricted to IEFC members)

This event is co-organized by the IEFC, the IUFRO task force “Resilient Planted Forest Serving Society & Bioeconomy” and the EFI Research Network on Planted Forests