Status and Governance


The IEFC is a European non-profit association governed by French law (1901 law on associations). The members of the association are research laboratories, training organisations and professional organisations of the forestry sector at local, regional and European level. There is also provision for associate membership, particularly for non-European organisations.

The General Assembly brings together the members of the IEFC once a year. It approves the accounts, budget votes, deliberates on the issues on the agenda and provides for the renewal of the members of the Board of Directors (BD) every four years. The Board meets at least twice a year and ensures the smooth running of the association. The Board appoints from among its members an executive committee of four people (president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary) to deal with current affairs. See the statutes of the association. See status of the organization

Board of Directors (2022-2026)

President : Susana Barreiro (ISA, Portugal)
Vice-President: Hervé Jactel (INRAE, France)
Secretary: Ander Arias Gonzalez (NEIKER, Spain)
Treasurer : Roland de Lary (CNPF, France)

Other members: Nick McCarthy, (WIT, SETU, Ireland), Leire Salaberria (USSE, Spain), Felipe Bravo (Université de Valladolid, Spain), James Pendlebury (Forest Research, UK), Alain Bailly (FCBA, France), Marc Hanewinkel (University of Fribourg, Germany)

Honorary Chairmen: Ted Farrell (Ireland), Jean-Michel Carnus (France)