EFI Annual Conference made a major decision three weeks ago of establishing four new Regional Offices in different locations across Europe.
The Conference cast a vote on the issue after considering the process of establishment and hearing the recommendation by the EFI Board. The approved proposals are:

  • EFIATLANTIC in Bordeaux, France which concentrates on issues of west-European relevance in the region of Atlantic rim.
  • EFICEE in Vienna, Austria with a geographical coverage in the Central-Eastern Europe.
  • EFICENT with rotating office in Freiburg (Germany), Zürich (Switzerland) and an observatory in Nancy (France) in Central Europe.
  • EFISEE in Croatia covering the region of South-East Europe.

A proposal on EFINORD concentrating on Scandinavian forest issues is expected to be on table at the next year’s Annual Conference.
Many Associate Member organisations were closely involved in the proposals. ‘This is a great step for EFI because we can now reach different European regions more effectively and our network will be significantly strengthened,’ states Risto Päivinen, Director of EFI. ‘The fact that our Associate Members were so active in proposing these offices is a very positive sign,’ he continues.

Launch in 2009 expected

The new Regional Offices can be launched after all necessary requirements, such as signing of funding contracts, have been met. The ROs will start on a case by case basis but most of them are likely to be launched during 2009.

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