Webinars Replays – Let’s Talk About Planted Forests

[13.01.2023] – Let’s Talk About Planted Forests – Tree Breeding

During this webinar B4EST project partners will comment on the main outcomes of the project that finished in 2022. This webinar will be an opportunity to discuss how tree breeding new tools can help to better adapt forest plantations to global change, what are the deployment recommendations and tools developed during the project and legal issues and policy needs identified.

[25.11.2022] – Let’s Talk About Planted Forests – Clearcutting

This month, Let’s Talk About Planted Forests will address the subject of clearcutting and the impact on plantations, following the collective “CREFF Expertise” led by the GIP Ecofor and the RMT Aforce since march 2021, aiming to draw up a state of knowledge on clearcutting and forests stand renewal, and an analysis of renewal methods in a climate change context.

[16.09.2022] – Let’s Talk About Planted Forests – Clonal Forestry

How to manage the risks? What are the challenges? New trends and practices? During this webinar, you will have the opportunity to, hear experts share their views, discover trends and new practices, the different clonal species (pine, poplar, eucalyptus…) and regions where these are being planted.

IEFC webinar replay - let's talk about planted forests - Clonal Forestry