Plot & Species Characteristics


Plot id Beci98
Country Spain
Experimental serie
Experiment id
Scientific design 1
Altitude 389
Province-Region Bizkaia
Municipality Sopuerta
Municipality code
Local name Beci
Stand establishment 1998-01-01
Stand removal 0000-00-00
Start of monitoring 1999-01-01
End of monitoring 0000-00-00
Responsible institution NEIKER
Responsible department Plant Production and Protection
Responsible name Santiago Espinel
Responsible phone number 34945121313
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Objective A04
Results Ritter E, Espinel S, Fladung M, Favre JM 2004 High density linkage maps in conifer species and their potential application The Haworth Press Inc
Data owner NEIKER
Last update 2010-05-18 12:36:38


Non EU native Latin name Initial tree number Provenance-clone-fam Adaptation to site Explanation EUProvenanceCode Even aged Mixture
Acclimatized Pinus radiata 1400 Local Good Yes No