Model Characteristics

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Last update 2011-05-11
Name Eucalypt
Year 2002
Author L. Saint-André
Email Contact
Organisation CIRAD; ECOsa
Country France
Category Growth
Model type Empirical growth & Yield models
Sub-type Distance independent tree model
Level Stand/plot
Time step Any
Time scale Long term
Stochasticity Deterministic
Range of applicabiilty (region, ...) République du Congo
(Massif de Pointe-Noire)
Stand composition Monospecific
Forest structure Even
Species Eucalyptus spp.
Sylvicultural system
Tree range
Stand range
State variables - Growth Aboveground biomass; Basal area; Branches biomass; Dominant diameter; Dominant height; Leaves biomass; Merchantable volume; Number of trees per hectare; Root biomass; Stem bark biomass; Stem wood biomass; Total biomass; Total volume
State variables - Initialization
State variables - Prediction
State variables - Stochastic for
Distribution diameter variables - growth
Distribution diameter variables - initialization
Distribution diameter variables - prediction
Distribution diameter variables - stochasticity for
Tree variables - growth Aboveground biomass; Bark profile; Branches biomass; Branching description; Diameter at Breast Height; Leaves biomass; Probability of a tree to die; Root biomass; Stem bark biomass; Stem height; Stem wood biomass; Stump volume over bark; Taper functions; Total biomass; Tree Height; Tree identification; Tree life status (Alive/dead); Volume over bark with stump; Volume over bark without stump; Volume under bark with stump; Volume under bark without stump
Tree variables - Initialisation
Tree variables - prediction
Tree variables - stochasticity for
Growth processes Decomposition; Litter fall; Net primary production
Regeneration processes at stand level
Regeneration processes at sapling level
Submodule : Sylvicultural practicies Biomass extraction; Clear cutting; Debarking; Fertilization; Fertilization at planting; Genetics effects; Initial density (seedling, plantation)
Submodel : Climate parameters Fertility rating; Site index
Input state variables Stand : area; Stand : Basal area; Stand : Dominant height; Stand : Number of trees per hectare; Stand : Site index; Stand: Age; Stand: dominant diameter; Stand: mean diameter; Stand: species; Tree : Diameter at Breast Height; Tree : Dominance level; Tree : Height
Human inputs Debarking scenario; Fertilization (Yes/ No); Rotation length
Climate inputs Site index
Output state variable Distribution dimension; Maps: Stand/Tree visualization; Nitrogen cycle; Site : nutrient contents; Stand : Aboveground biomass; Stand : area; Stand : basal area; Stand : branches biomass; Stand : carbon stock; Stand : dominant diameter; Stand : dominant height; Stand : harvest timber volume; Stand : leaf biomass; Stand : mean diameter; Stand : medium height; Stand : merchantable volumes over bark; Stand : merchantable volumes under bark; Stand : Net primary productivity (NPP); Stand : Number of trees per hectare; Stand : nutrients; Stand : Root biomass; Stand : Site index; Stand : soil carbon fluxes parameters; Stand : species; Stand : Stem bark biomass; Stand : Stem wood biomass; Stand : Total biomass; Stand: Age; Stand: mean annual volume increment (MAI); Stand: quadratic mean diameter; Stand: total volume; Tree : aboveground biomass; Tree : branches biomass; Tree : branching description; Tree : Diameter at Breast Height; Tree : Height; Tree : identification; Tree : Leaf biomass; Tree : life status (Alive/dead); Tree : Root biomass; Tree : Stem bark biomass; Tree : Stem height; Tree : Stem wood biomass; Tree : Stump volume over bark; Tree : Total biomass; Tree : Volume over bark with stump; Tree : Volume over bark without stump; Tree : Volume under bark with stump; Tree : Volume under bark without stump; Tree: Basal area; Tree: nutrients (N,P,K,Ca,Mg)
Quantity products Wood for fencing
Quality pulp Wood density
Quality construction Wood density
Quality cork
Simulator name Capsis
Stand Simulator version
Stand Simulator hardware
Stand Simulator memory
Stand Simulator OS Windows / Mac
Stand Simulator language Java
Stand Simulator characteristics Batch-mode use; Interactive changing of equations; Interactive use
Stand Simulator indicators Age structure and diameter distribution (Module 2); Forest ressources (Lead)
Stand Simulator visualization Virtual walk inside the stand/plot
Landscape Simulator name
Landscape Simulator version
Landscape Simulator hardware
Landscape Simulator memory
Landscape Simulator OS
Landscape Simulator language
Landscape Simulator characteristics
Landscape Simulator indicators
Landscape Simulator visualization
Reference Methodologies used in evaluation; Model developement methodology; Model equations; Model modules/components

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