Model Characteristics

Id 4
Last update 2006-03-02
Name Fagacées-Hêtre
Year 1996
Author Jean-François Dhôte
Email Contact
Organisation ENGREF; INRA
Country France
Category Growth
Model type Empirical growth & Yield models
Sub-type Distance independent tree model
Level Stand/plot
Time step
Time scale
Range of applicabiilty (region, ...) Geogr. : northern half France
Stands : almost pure, even-aged Beech
Age : 10-200 years
Time resolution : 3 years
Silvics : "diffuse" thinnings of any weight, type and rotation are acceptable ; predictions correct iff stand Rdi larger than 0.4 ; outside, qualitatively sensible, few validation data available.
Stand composition
Forest structure
Species Fagus sylvatica
Sylvicultural system
Tree range
Stand range
State variables - Growth
State variables - Initialization
State variables - Prediction
State variables - Stochastic for
Distribution diameter variables - growth
Distribution diameter variables - initialization
Distribution diameter variables - prediction
Distribution diameter variables - stochasticity for
Tree variables - growth
Tree variables - Initialisation
Tree variables - prediction
Tree variables - stochasticity for
Growth processes
Regeneration processes at stand level
Regeneration processes at sapling level
Submodule : Sylvicultural practicies Silviculture: initial density and thinnings
Submodel : Climate parameters Mortality model; Stand/tree growth
Input state variables Age; Distribution of diameters; Dominant height
Human inputs
Climate inputs
Output state variable Dominant diameter; Dominant height; Individual tree characteristics: diameter, height..; Number of trees/ha; Total basal area; Total volume; Total yield
Quantity products
Quality pulp
Quality construction
Quality cork
Simulator name Fagacées
Stand Simulator version
Stand Simulator hardware
Stand Simulator memory
Stand Simulator OS
Stand Simulator language
Stand Simulator characteristics
Stand Simulator indicators
Stand Simulator visualization
Landscape Simulator name
Landscape Simulator version
Landscape Simulator hardware
Landscape Simulator memory
Landscape Simulator OS
Landscape Simulator language
Landscape Simulator characteristics
Landscape Simulator indicators
Landscape Simulator visualization
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